The Riverhead Art Club Creates a Mural with Joyce Raimondo

On Monday, The Riverhead Art Club used funds generated from events throughout the year (like the Sidewalk Painting day on Earth Day shown below,) to collaborate on a workshop with well-known known artist Joyce Raimondo

Formerly at The Museum of Modern Art, Joyce Raimondo is a leading expert in visual literacy - teaching young audiences how to "read" pictures. Her groundbreaking questioning technique invites 100% participation as students describe and interpret what they see in famous art. 

The members of the High School club drafted a drawing and assembed a montage of an ocean scene with construction paper. Working with Raimondo and RHS art teacher Jennifer Howlett, the students created a large mural with a BLUE WAVE ocean scene as its basis. Once they are finished conceptualizing the scene, Ms. Raimondo will help them transfer their ideas and guide the students as they paint the mural on a large canvas that will hang in the hallway of the art wing of the high school. 


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