Local Hip Hop Artist Hosts New Album's Launch Party In Greenport

Patch has an exclusive first look at Mike Check's new video.

Local hip hop artist Mike Check knew when it came to celebrate the launch of his new album "Stars, Dreams, & Album Grease," he wanted to come home.

"I had to come back and celebrate with my hometown because so many people from out here have played an important part in my life," Check said.

To that end, on Saturday, he held a launch party -- a first release party was held in New York City -- at Lucharitos in Greenport. The event featured the music of "Stars, Dreams & Elbow Grease," and freebies including T-shirts and CDs.

Check opened up about his new work with Patch: "I went into this project with a mindset of carving out my own lane and creating a lifestyle for individuals who aren't afraid of going against the grain," he said. "I hope it reaches the dreamers who need a little motivation to brush aside the doubters and go for it all."

Producers on the project include Sean Glass, whose last name is Kancewick and is originally from Greenport, Matty Ells, Will Guardian, the son of Al Goodman from Ray, Goodman & Brown, and a few others, Check said.

"We're hoping that this project will spread the fan base and allow the opportunity to continue on independently, without a major record label involved," Check said.

So far, the reception has been positive, Check said, with Vibe, Thisis50.com and a few other notable hip hop online websites featuring the project.  

"I'm getting a really good response from everyone so far," he said, adding that fans can downloading the release on on iTunes.

Check, who wrote the lyrics, with the exception of a few hooks, explained his vision. "The inspiration behind this project was the beautiful struggle that getting your foot in the door entails. The daily grind was what I addressed throughout the project, and it gave me a natural way to creatively express my everyday life on each record."

In December, Check released his video, "Pluggin' Away." 

The release came a few months after releasing "Beastly," and in line with other videos, "Pluggin' Away" was shot at least in part on the North Fork. Check said local shooting locations included the Triangle Yacht Club and Brian Arm Physical Therapy.

The rapper told North Fork Patch in August, when "Beastly" came out that he prefers shooting his videos back home because his friends and family are always willing to help out, even as actors.

Other shooting locations included Times Square in Manhattan, Carroll Gardens and Fort Greene in Brooklyn, and Bear Mountain.

Mike Check's debut album, Check Me Out, was released in 2010.

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For more information on his latest album, "Stars, Dreams & Elbow Grease," click here


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