Dining to Save a Skating Rink on Veteran's Day

Locals packed into Skipper's Restaurant on Thursday to help raise funds to save Greenport's American Legion and roller rink.

Hundreds of people filled in Greenport from 12 p.m. to all hours of the evening on Veteran's Day to raise money to help and its skating rink, which has fallen into disrepair over the years.

The packed benefit featured a full course dinner to stay or go, 50/50 raffles and $1,000 worth of door prizes donated by local businesses given away throughout the afternoon to evening hours.

Locals from all over the North Fork, including the niece of Burton Potter Roxanna Mellinger of Orient, shared their personal feelings of why they attended the diner and why they want to save the indoor roller rink.

"I used to skate there as a kid — it's a very important place in this community," said Cindy Goldsmith.

"We're here for the food and to help the skating rink," Southold resident Cheryl Amara said. "We skated there and our kids skated there."

"As Americans we need to always remember our fallen heroes and all the men who have sacrificed so much that this is the least we can do for our Greenport veterans," said Southold resident Tracy Orlando.


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