Animal Advocates To Talk Solutions To Animals in Circus

Animal advocates who protested the circus in Greenport last month are back to discuss alternatives.

After years of acrimony amongst some residents and animal advocates incensed over the animals featured in the Cole Bros. Circus, hosted by the Greenport Fire Department in recent summers, alternatives are being discussed.

According to John Di Leonardo, president of the Long Island Orchestrating for Nature animal rights organization, he will be attending a Greenport Fire Department wardens meeting on Wednesday, held at the Third Street Firehouse at 7 p.m.

The goal, he said, is to talk about "why we were there, present evidence of abuse, and discuss alternatives."

He added, "We certainly appreciate that the Greenport Fire Department has to fundraise; however, there is no excuse for their support of convicted animal abusers. We are hoping that this is more a case of ignorance than indifference on the part of the Department and would love to help clear up any misunderstandings. Tensions often run high during demonstrations so we are thankful for this opportunity to discuss this issue in another setting. If the Department knew the truth, we are confident they would not be supporting the circus."

Di Leonardo said LION is "more than happy to work with the Greenport Fire Department in finding another, more acceptable fundraiser for the Department, such as a Casino Night, a 5K, or a carnival like many other Departments use."

And, he said, if the fire department wants to "stick with a circus, that can be great too.  There are many animal-free circuses out there, like Cirque Du Soleil and Circus Smirkus.  We would be more than glad to put them in touch with a few."

In July, carrying signs and distributing literature that described what some consider the horrors suffered by circus animals, protestors outside the Cole Bros. Circus tent in Greenport sparked controversy.

The small group of animal advocates, representing the LION animal rights group, turned out at the Polo Grounds in Greenport to protest the conditions under which animals are allegedly kept in the circus.

The group protested at each of the  Cole Bros. Circus' scheduled dates, including performances held at the Shinnecock Indian Nation in Southampton. 

According to Di Leondardo, Cole Bros. Circus is currently on United States Department of Agriculture probation for violation of the Endangered Species Act, and their owner and President, John Pugh, is on criminal probation for violation of the Endangered Species Act. 

Cole Bros. Circus, he added, has been cited for multiple violations of the USDA Animal Welfare Act, including failure to provide adequate shelter for animals, physical abuse of elephants and other animals, and endangering the public, resulting in multiple deaths, including a New York resident. 

"Not only are circuses cruel, but public safety is a major concern," said Di Leonardo. "It was not long ago that a Cole Bros. tiger escaped, causing a pile-up and multiple hospitalizations.  These animals don't want to be caged.  They'll do anything to get free." 

Di Leonardo said the alleged animal cruelty is difficult to accept. "It hurts," he said. "I'm an anthrozoologist. It breaks my heart to see elephants being tortured."

Added protestor Liz Downey, "I'm here because animals in circuses are entombed alive," she said. The animals, she said, are kept in sections of a tractor trailer, unable to sit, lie down, or turn — and unable to roam the up to 40 miles per day they would in the wild. Two of the baby elephants in the show, protestors added, were torn away from their mother at a too-young age.

"It's a life of torture, for 15 minutes of tricks," she said. "It's horrifying."

Local residents said they were unhappy that the circus set up its tent in Greenport.

"I have not been to the circus since I was a small child," said Dawn Bennett, dog trainer and owner of North Fork School for Dogs. "I never took my children. These animals do not belong in small cages, traveling the country doing tricks, but this is the world we live in, I'm afraid."

Added Cutchogue resident and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals member Marilyn Flynn, “I’ve always been against animals in circuses; they’re teated abominably. It's insulting to the dignity of these anmals to make an elepant put all its weight on its back feet, and it's hard on them. It's a terrible thing to do to them."

She added that she wrote a letter last year asking that the Greenport Fire Department bring in a circus with no animals. "Here they are; they're back again," she said. 

But according to Cole Bros., much of what is said is rumor and speculation.

"There is a lot of misinformation concerning Cole Bros. Circus' record concerning animal welfare," said Renee Storey, Vice President, Administration of the Cole Bros. Circus. "Over its more than 128 year history, Cole Bros. Circus has been committed to maintaining high animal welfare standards for animals that appear in conjunction with our show. Cole Bros. Circus has never been found to have violated any animal welfare law. Cole Bros. Circus has never been found to have mistreated elephants."

She added, "The humane and responsible care provided by licensed, professional exhibitors at Cole Bros. Circus ensures the health, welfare and safety of all humans and animals involved in the relationship."

Storey also said videos about elephant care and training were recently completed and independently produced by Lane Talburt, member of Circus Fans Association and Circus Historically Society. To view a video, click here.

What do you think about animals in the circus? Share your thoughts with Patch.

Cj Ellie August 21, 2013 at 12:34 PM
Cole Bros Circus is a habitual offender of the Animal Welfare Act. USDA Documents: http://www.aphis.usda.gov/foia/enforcement_actions/2011/July/Animal%20Welfare%20Act/Complaints/FL07741%20&%20FX07141-AC%20Cole%20Bros.pdf This is circus has a horrible reputation for animal violations. They know longer have a USDA License and lease the elephant in their show from Carson & Barnes Circus. Watch the head elephant trainer touring with Cole training elephants and handlers behind closed doors.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iouGQD6lf6A
Mary Finelli August 22, 2013 at 09:47 AM
There is no way to provide appropriate care and conditions for wild animals in a traveling circus. It is inherently inhumane and it should be illegal.
Dan McGinnis Sr. August 22, 2013 at 12:32 PM
Ellie-Marilyn& LOAN: First of all anyone belonging to Peta or using information from them needs to go to www.petakillsanimal.com- www.consumerfreedom.com-FBI for terrorist activities and the IRS website to see how animal right groups spend our money. Those that support Peta need to take a close look in the mirror. Their track record is far worse than any circus. Mary-these animals in the circus have been here for years. Since the 1970's no elephants could be brought into the US. Tigers have been born here. The circus has many great breeding programs to insure these wonderful animals are here for many more years. As the land overseas continues to shrink for these animals, taken over by man, and hunted to near extinction, you could not bring any animal from the zoos or circuses and be released into the wild. They would not survive. It is great that their are people and groups that care about animals. All should meet with those animal caregivers in the zoo or circus and address their concerns. Just as daycares, nursing homes, food venues, etc. get cited yearly so do the circuses. That does not mean they are all bad. Problems get corrected or they would not be able to operate. Let the Federal, State and local agencies that oversea animals do their work. That is what are taxes pay them to do. If you are against animals in the circus, fine, do not attend it. Just make sure you have all the facts-not information from any of the National animal rights groups. The problem in America today is that too many organizations that are trying to take away our rights.
Cj Ellie August 22, 2013 at 02:51 PM
DMc..Sr… I find you nostalgia nauseating in the face of all the irrefutable and overwhelming evidence of the cruelty associated with wild animals in ALL traveling circuses. All of this from a grown man who has a house full of circus posters & memorabilia. The links you provide are always the same two. Nothing of substance, no updated scientific studies to back up your claims. Wild animals do not love performing and living in constant confinement to entertain an audience. They die decades before their time from captive related diseases like arthritis. P.A.W.S. has been rescuing animals discarded by the entertainment industry for 35 years. Read their story: Decades of Helping Elephants Forget. http://tablet.olivesoftware.com/Olive/Tablet/SanFranciscoChronicle/SharedArticle.aspx?href=HSFC%2F2013%2F07%2F06&id=Ar00108
Ditty51 August 22, 2013 at 07:34 PM
Mr. McG: You talk about OUR rights being taken away. What about the rights of these animal to live a life of freedom? Given the choice, would you rather live in your home, come and go as you please, eat when and what you want -- or would you like to be forced into a cage, travel constantly, and forced to perform in a hot, dusty tent. You know you would choose freedom -- and so would they.
C. Parola August 22, 2013 at 11:02 PM
I strongly encourage the Greenport Fire Dept. to do what they all must certainly now know is the right and humane thing to do, as well as the right thing to do as relates to placing safety of their community first. There are so many other cruelty free and safer fundraisers they could use, and they could also inform Cole Bros. that if they someday do the right and humane thing and eliminate the wild animal acts from their shows, they would consider hiring them in the future.
C. Parola August 22, 2013 at 11:05 PM
The FACTS are that elephants (& other wild animals) are horribly and cruelly confined in order to be transported about the country and only temporarily kept at the various locations for usually a day or two. They're typically chained by the ankle and forced to stand so they can move only a step or two in any direction, and kept this way almost every hour of each day. Sometimes after setting up they may have an extremely small outside area surrounded by a electric fence. During the night and in bad weather,they're forced to spend it inside a truck. And when en route to their next location they are hauled around in the back of trucks for hours and hours, and then when arriving, have to stay in those trucks typically for many more hours while waiting for things to get setup. For more on this read this Pulitzer Prize winning article: http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2011/10/ringling-bros-elephant-abuse?page=1 There also is the extremely well documented, and admitted to, physically abusive training techniques to force the animals to do the "tricks". Educate yourself & visit any one of countless respected websites, such as those of ADI (Animal Defenders International), www.circuses.com, www.morebeautifulwild.com. Also there is an excellent publication by Animal Defenders International on the Science of Suffering (re wild animals in traveling circuses) which you can read: https://www.ad-international.org/admin/downloads/SCS_US_rep_FINAL_Jun%2015%2008_LOW%20RES.pdf
Lea August 23, 2013 at 11:00 PM
C. Parola gives excellent information that I totally agree with. I was proud to stand with LION when the circus was in Greenport, sharing information to many who may not be aware of what these animals must endure. I hope the Fire Dept. thinks long & hard about these issues.


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