Survey of Your Opinion Toward Trees Following Hurricane Sandy

Cornell, Rutgers, and CSU have put together a short survey to understand residents’ attitudes toward trees following Hurricane Sandy.  To help guide the rebuilding of our communities’ urban forests in the aftermath, please fill out the survey at the link below.  If you are a homeowner who lives on Long Island in Nassau or Suffolk County or in New Jersey in a single-family residence with a yard, please fill out this survey for your own home.  (Please fill out only one survey per household.)  Your anonymous responses will be used to help create better care and management of our communities’ trees in the future. 


Thank-you and please share this survey with any other Long Island or NJ homeowners!


Alexis Alvey, Colorado State University, Denver Extension

Nina Bassuk, PhD, Cornell University

Jason Grabosky, PhD, Rutgers University


*For additional questions or information, contactAlexis.Alvey@colostate.edu


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