The Truth of being a Stay at home mom

Some people see being a Stay at home mom as a luxery, I see it as a need to be here for special needs children as well as any child though out there lifetime. I believe in one parent should be home.

The figures show that a stay at home mom would make over $100,000 if she were to bring in a salary while caring for her kids — and that's just one kid. Being a parent is a full-time job and when they have special needs it adds to the parenting, whether the kids are home full-time or part-time.

I have been a stay-at-home mom for eleven years, and I'm proud of it, though I did sell Avon for a few years and did try to go back to work a few months ago, the care required for my son on a weekly basis due to asthma, coughs and cold require me to be an at-home parent.

Yes, growing up I did see me sending my children off to school and being here for when they arrive because that's what I saw my mother do and I would want the same for my child, not to mention there are holidays the kids have off and sick days between both you and the kids. Would a boss really be that understanding?

Some people see this as a luxury and that I am so blessed to have been able to be here for my children, but I also did see me having a career, but let me rephrase that I have a career caring for my children — that is my life for now.

That is not to say I don't want to work if the chance came across to work from home or care for other children from home, that would be wonderful, but that is far and in between. Most people who go back to work don't have a choice and need that pay, but there are some people who also don't have a choice and need to be home and that is no pay — however — we sacrifice what we have to for our children.

Not everyone has the help of a friend to come over to help with getting their children on the bus, or can afford to pay a sitter, aupair, or nanny. Back in the day, stay at home moms were more common today mostly both parents work.

I always new I would have special needs kids and feel very blessed to have them, I feel doubly blessed to be able to raise them, I see my son's autism as a positive and I see my life as being complete.

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Ditty51 May 04, 2012 at 01:27 AM
According to some, you "have not worked a day in your life". But your job is the hardest ... and most rewarding. I commend you. And as far as it being a luxury -- maybe for some; but for most it is a CHOICE we make to stay home and raise our own kids, instead of paying someone else to raise them for us. I was a stay at home mom, and it was no luxury. We had one car, and I would have to get up in the morning and bundle the kids up to take my husband to work, so I could have the car for the day.


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